Reseller Program

The Tag It Shop Reseller Program was created for resellers such as you who are forward thinking, imaginative and ready to succeed. With this program, we combine a wealth of sales and marketing resources with industry-leading support to deliver the most comprehensive partner program in the industry. Our reseller program is designed to meet the specific needs of all our reseller partners, whether you’re an independent broker or a national distributor. If you’re committed to success, we’re committed to providing you the resources you need.

Tag It Shop is always looking for sales representatives ready to make a difference. We know that there are those who want to sell promotional products but don’t want the expenses that go along with getting started in the industry, which is why we created the reseller division of our company. We offer private individuals or companies the chance to expand their current offerings without any additional expenses, allowing them to leverage our industry knowledge, relationships and buying power to provide their customers with the best products and service in the industry.

The Tag It Shop Reseller Program offers you the resources and relationships you need to excel in today’s competitive marketplace. Working together, we will be able to create new opportunities and new solutions that will help you increase your market share.

When you become a reseller with us, you are not just joining our reseller program – you’re taking an important strategic step toward greater success. As a reseller partner, you will gain significant advantages that will help you grow your business, while providing the best products and services available to your customers.

By joining the program, resellers have an opportunity to sell our products at a highly competitive advantage. We support our partners’ sales efforts through a wide range of benefits, ongoing sales collaboration, promotion and education, and provide you with a number of benefits. Discounts are provided on bulk purchases and an additional 20% discount is available to you directly on purchases made for products not already on sale.

To create a business relationship that is mutually beneficial and lucrative for you, Tag It Shop resellers can qualify for different levels of pricing. Moving from one level to the next brings greater benefits and rewards for your organization and these levels are based not only on revenue, but in certain circumstances, may be based on quantity of products purchased or your value added component.

In order for reseller and/or a distributor partner to qualify for higher levels of partnership, Tag It Shop has created a system that evaluates several criteria. Among these are level of revenue, industry contribution, primary business model and average order quantity and order frequency

True to our corporate values and mission, we give great importance to a fair and equitable partnership. Join forces with the leading promotional gifts provider and get access to leading products with excellent integration capabilities that you can easily resell.

We are committed to a partner-first model, building simple and effective partnerships that together deliver market-leading products solutions to our customers.

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